The fact that VW has just celebrated selling a quarter of a million cars that are powered either by electric or electric/petrol hybrid cements exactly where the car industry is heading.

Before you know it every car on the road will have electric goings-on in it!

Lexus are well on their way in this department – Click here to read more about that

A quick summary of what’s going on with VW‘s efforts.

In mid-December at the Autostadt, the Volkswagen brand delivered the 250,000th electric car since the introduction of the e-up! in 2013

Various models have been added to their electric offering over time and looks something like this

  • 2013 – e-up!
  • 2014 – e-golf and our favourite the Golf GTE
  • 2015 – Passat (and variants) GTE
  • 2018 – Passat & Tiguan plug-in hybrid available in China
  • 2019 – Bora & Lavida (China only model)

The best selling model from all of these has been the e-golf selling 104k units worldwide. The Gold GTE sold 51k units in comparison.

I reckon if they styled the e-golf like the GTE, they’d sell twice as many for sure.


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